Our Mission

Collin County Ballet Theatre was founded with a certain vision in mind:

  • To promote and enhance the art of ballet in the Collin County and the Dallas area.
  • To become recognized regionally as a performing company that presents professional dance performances of the highest quality.
  • To be a vital and important entity in the cultural development of the county and surrounding communities.
  • To provide opportunities for the youth to experience the art of dance and understand the benefits the arts bring to their lives.
  • To educate and enrich the lives of its citizens in the art of ballet.

Collin County Ballet Theatre Points of Interest

  • Founded in 2001 with significant growth each year
  • Is a non-profit 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization
  • Provides educational enrichment to local independent school districts
  • Brings classical ballet to the community
  • Enables dancers from all over the community to participate in performances
  • Collaborates with other non-profit organizations in Collin County, such as Plano Symphony Orchestra and Younger Generation Chorus, and more.
  • Performs at various locations throughout Collin County, thus enabling a wider audience base
  • Resident Performing Company Member of Regional Dance America Southwest a National organization that fosters the development of serious ballet students.
  • Received grants from the Cities of Plano and McKinney, and Frisco Association of the Arts
  • Supported and maintained 100 percent by community volunteers and sponsors
  • Artistic Directors Kirt & Linda Hathaway bring over thirty years of real-world professional dance experience with the highest level of standards in the art of dance to Collin County