Collin County Ballet Theatre Board

Executive Board

Kirt Hathaway, President and Artistic Director Owner, Hathaway Academy of Ballet
Linda Hathaway, Vice-President and Artistic Director Owner, Hathaway Academy of Ballet
Dr. Paul Evans Holbrook, Second Vice-President King Library Press Manager, University of Kentucky
Randall Washam, Financial Consultant  
Jennifer Dunaway, Advisory Board Liaison  

Advisory Board

Suzanne Benhardt, Advertising Campaign Manager  
Sherri Chambers, Company Manager  
Jennifer Dunway, Performance Guild Co-Chair  
Jennifer Fermaint, Social Media, Photography & Design Fermaint Photography
Cambley Fort, Grants  
Natalie Furrilo, Marketing, Newsletter  
Tim Healy, Web Design TNT Dental
Kristy Howard, Graphic Design  
Joy Ji, Fundraising Chair  
Alun Jones, Artistic Consultant Director Emeritus Louisville Ballet
Diane Leon, Community Arts Development  
Michael Rice, Marketing, Social Media  
Micki Saba, Artistic Advisor Hathaway Academy of Ballet, Faculty